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CBC Homebrew Club is a social club for homebrewers and supportive enthusiasts.  This club gives brewers a friendly forum to receive feedback on their recipes, and discuss lessons learned and share best practices. In addition to monthly beer shares, the club will have the opportunity to brew together, attend field trips, receive feedback from a BJCP judge, participate in a homebrew competition, learn more about raw materials, and meet experts in the field and so much more.  


All 2023 club members this year will receive a beer glass and will meet in-person typically the 4th Sunday of every month after 3PM at the brewery. 

Cox Brewing Company Homebrew Club

  • By signing up for this club, I acknowledge that I am 21 years old or older and understand that I am drinking beer made by individuals not licensed and not produced from a facility certified by the PA Department of Health. I understand the risks associated with these activities and agree to hold Cox Brewing Company, Inc. and their owners, harmless from any and all liabilities that may arise. 

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