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Legendary Shack Shakers Perform at Rally Point Taproom

SURPRISE POP-UP CONCERT TOMORROW - FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 FROM 7-9 with the Legendary Shack Shakers! This band just kicked off their world tour and will be making a stop at our Rally Point Taproom! We are finishing Lancaster County Brewers Guild Beer Week with some incredible music for YOU - our amazing local beer supporters! Twenty-five years into their worldwide crusade, Legendary Shack Shakers have become the leaders in the underground music scene’s “Southern Gothic” sound. Led by their charismatic front man, Col. JD Wilkes, the band continues to wow crowds with their explosive interpretations of swamp blues, rock n' roll and hillbilly music, making fans, critics, and now, an entire new generation into true believers. Give these fellas a test drive and get on over to the Taproom Friday night!


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