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Lancaster County Brewers Guild is Formed and Releases Collab.

For nearly a year, Nick and other Lancaster County brewers have been working together behind the scenes to create a local brewers guild. The guilds mission is to promote and support local Lancaster PA craft breweries. The guild creates the fellowship for brewers to share information, lessons-learned, and of course, collaborate on new beer recipes and develop exciting events for our dedicated craft beer supporters in the area- like you!

On August 5 - National IPA Day, the guild released its first beer - County Wide. County Wide is a West-Coast Style IPA brewed with Maris Otter, Crystal Malt and Caravienne Malts, complimented by Simcoe and Amarillo hops. This semi-dry IPA, is full of flavor with caramel notes from the malt, and pine, citrus and floral flavor and aroma from the hops. 5.6%. Make sure to stop by the Taproom and grab your pint while supplies last. Next up, the guild is gearing up for Lancaster Beer Week September 18-24th - Save the Date! Please make sure to follow the Lancaster County Brewers Guild on Facebook and #lancastercountybrewersguild on IG.

Lancaster County has such a rich tradition of brewing history and the guild hopes to build on that and make our beer community even stronger! Members of the Lancaster County Brewers Guild: Cox Brewing Company, Lancaster Brewing Company , Moo Duck Brewery, Wacker Brewing Company, Twisted Bine Beer Co., Columbia Kettleworks, Funk Brewing E-town, Mad Chef Craft Brewing, Tattered Flag Brewery, ARTifice, Pour Man’s Brewing Company, Fetish Brewing Company, Our Town Brewery, Raney Cellars Brewing Company, Cartel Brewing, Big Dog Craft Brewing, and Spring House Brewing Company.


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