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Father-Daughter team win with a Hazelnut Brown Ale at the 2022 CBC Homebrewers Showcase

Congratulations to Homebrewing Father-Daughter team, Mark and Krystan with their Hazelnut Brown Ale. This beer was inspired by Krystan's favorite nut spread, Nutella.

  • Second Place: Trainwreck, Imperial Stout - Kyle Criste

  • Third Place: But it's a cool f*n racecar bed, Orange Cranberry Saison - Hot Mess and Struggle Bus Brewing

Thank you to all the homebrewers who participated this year, it was a great showing of different styles and flavor - and, cheers to Dan Jamison who played some great music all afternoon. If you're a homebrewer and wanna hang out with other homebrewers once a month, 2023 CBC Homebrew Memberships are now open.


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